I have been so many places and seen so many things. I have traveled the railroads of Udaut and seen the hidden ruins of Anerq, rode the falls of Weivyia, and even walked the many steps of Rikavinne but never have I been so frightened as spending one night alone in Yuvaulte.
From “The Global Alamanc” by Dax Weirdingg

Ghosts Over Yuvaulte is a Pathfinder campaign set in the hombrewed world of the Tlelan colonies on the one of the largest isles of Yuvaulte. Due to the land’s tendency towards supernatural phenomena, daily life in Yuvaulte is a mix of fear and superstition with night travel discouraged and arcane magic nearly outlawed save for approved spellcasters. The colonists established Yuvaulte as a center of enlightenment which is becoming moot now under the oppression of fear and ignorance.

Yuvalute is ruled by an aristocracy of half orc elite with the elvish, gnomish, and human as its common and underclass. Yuvaulte is ruled by oligarchy in the capital of Basille by its six most powerful families each controlling an aspect of daily life and government. Each of the orchish families also claim home to each of the six largest cities which are spread throughout the isle. The aristocracy of Yuvaulte for its powerful exterior, is crumbing internally from corruption and political instability.

All of this is distant background, however, to a group of backwoods adventurers who come from rustic places not even marked on most maps. While power is wielded by groups of wealthy elite, six agile commoners are sent out to procure relics for their cursed village. Led by a partially travled bard, this group is bounded together by a sense of adventure. Solenia lies right outside of one of the aristocratic centers of Sandowine. To its walled wooden gates, a group of travelers come in search of sanctuary and adventure.

Ghosts Over Yuvaulte