Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

A Letter from Cardinal Eagledawn

Dear Sir and Madams,

It has come to my attention that you have made your way from Sandowine to the mountains of Raston. I would consider this a lucky venture as the times I have visited Raston were full of wonderful views and exciting nights. I had my courier meet you on your journey as my letter comes with grave importance.

I do not know how to begin this letter as part of me is unsure of the career direction my son, Cornelius, has taken. I am certain this enrollment in the Captain Beirits regiment was partly inspired by his dedication to service as well as the encouragement by his friends. That would be you. Normally, service for King and country is an upstanding duty however certain events have thrown Houses into unrest and there is talk of civil war. Cornelius is not the safest of my children and I worry for his safety and for the continuation of our family. To add to this, Cornelius was being groomed for missionary work in the frontier of Udaut and now the Church has no one to fulfill this role. It would not be proper of me to force Cornelius out of service so I ask of a favor from you all. Find my next son to take Cornelius’ spot. His name is Jehosaphat and he has been missing for many months.

I would consider this a personal favor as your group have proved themselves resourceful and no doubt you have heard of the generous bounty paid to the party responsible for information leading to my son’s safe return. There have been sighting of Jehoshaphat around the areas of Raston in either the mountains or the forests._

With Gods and Grace

Cardinal Alistair Eagledawn IX

PS. do not listen to any rumors about my son being mixed up with dark and strange magic. He is a good boy just easily influenced by others. His mind has been seduced by the occult in the past.



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