Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

Creatures & Comfort

A Funeral for a Friend

There are few things known to travelers in Yuvaulte regarding what to visit and what to avoid if one values their head. One most certainly should see the magical forests of Myrestone and the Tamerin treasures in Hamid’s Museum. This is a given and written in one of my many travel guides available at any major city bookstore for 20 gold. Everyone knows also to be wary of Calloway’s guards, Timlivee’s Diamond District, and Raston’s shadowy streets after dark. This also comes as no surprise. But perhaps the most well-known travel trivia is to never go into Mother Comfort’s Orphanage under penalty of receiving a most ghastly scolding by its former caretaker. There are some who never listen to sage advice credibly available in my books available at any major city bookstore for 20 gold.
From “Dax’s Top 10 Most Haunted Destinations and Vacation Ideas” by Dax P. Weirdingg

The plot shifts and so does the scenery as the group finds themselves called to action by an official letter. The letter has invited Solenia’s acting mayor, Mak/Crinowell, to say a few words at the funeral for Amos, a young chap who found himself struck down by zombies in the Great Solenia Necro Siege of Late Summer. Amos being a distant relative of one of the most powerful non Orc families in the colonies: The Eagledawns has made the whole affair larger than normal. With much influence in the church and with many high ranking paladins and clerics throughout Yuvaulte, The Eagledawns hold sway over many aspects of religious life in Yuvaulte. Because Solenia was the site of the siege and because the group fought alongside Amos, Crinowell and company are invited to Solenia to inter the body of Amos at The Sandowine Cathedral.

Everyone oddly agrees and then looks at each other suspiciously.

The group sets out westward for Sandowine and after a few days travels comes upon a creepy abandoned orphanage. Now if anyone read Dax P. Weirdingg’s travel guides available at most city bookstores for 20 gold, they would know this is the site of Mother Comforts hellish orphanage, the site where many children incurred the wrath of a cruel caretaker. The site is also home to many restless spirits who suck the life essence from its vicitims. Because the group didn’t purchase the travel guides, Flubrig thought it would be a good idea to explore the site…alone. After many hours gone, the rest of the group decided to look for the gnome companion with much jokes made about his height.

The group found the place a mess and filled with vagabond squatters. This would have been a problem expect for Mak who loves to disuse himself and enlist help from foes. Mak infiltrated the group and gained their trust to learn that they had been sent by Redgrave, Solenia’s relic dealer, to gain this orphanage as a tactical point for some nefarious cause. The sellswords did not realize that this place was haunted and would drive them mad. They too did not read Dax’s guide. Mak convinced the group to let him take Flubrig who was bound in the corner, to sacrifice him to whatever was upstairs. The group soon found the upstairs littered with way too creepy to be normal things walking around the hallways. One of those really creepy things was a wandering spirit of a tormented child and a talking doll named Ayda. While Ursula was trying to burn down the house, Mak was making friends with the creepy ass doll as she led him to the bedroom where Mother Comfort was sleeping. Mother comfort was not sleeping, she was dead in her bed burned to a crispy corpse. Mak was trying to find the key which led to the attic which would then help the group dispose of these restless spirits.

Everything then went wrong

Mother Comfort woke up, the sellswords went into a bloodthirsty rage, and Ursula’s flint and steel would not ignite. The group found themselves in combat between the sellswords and the ghostly denizens of upstairs. Things were going pretty well and Caden was turning into killing machine with a ranged weapon but then Mak decided to hot dog his way in the fight. This turned into him falling down the stairs on top of his party and then to the feet of a sellswords. Things were made worse when Mother Comfort caused Caden and Mak to scramble out screaming in terror. Yodar and Rocky made good work keeping the sellswords distracted while Flubrig burst holy atomic bombs in the stairwells. the battle was then won by the help of a fellow friend, Bear Dustybottom, the newly named Trollhound found in the Necromancer’s Puzzle dungeon. Caden has a new pet. Flubrig moved around cautiously as Bear D.B. growled at him through his scared face which was given to him by Flubrig’s amazing critical hit. Bear devoured the ghost as well as the sellswords which were fed to him by Caden. The group unlocked the attic, found the corpse of the spirit and decided to bury the body in consecrated ground. The group sung songs by the burning fire as they watched a larger fire consume the orphanage as Ursula finally got her flint and steel working.

The group continues to make their way to Sandowine trying to look like a normal group of travelers. This is important as things in Sandowine seem to be growing darker by the day. There is a faint memory of something the group was supposed to do in Solenia but they brush it off and hope that it does not affect them in the future. There is a deep howl in the shadow of the moon and the group huddles closer. Yes, a normal party accompanied by a trollhound, a giant bird, and a talking doll dressed in a small cloak to look like a human make their way to the big city.



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