Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

The Basille Gazette: Special Edition

Local Citizen Killed in Vegetable Fire

Pius B. Martyr, local citizen and friend to the community died last night in a terrible vegetable fire which caught on ablaze at the Shrieking Harpy. Eyewitnesses saw a fight outside the harpy with Madam Leguine, renowned vegetable farmer, throw Pius from a rooftop onto the blase. Leguine is wanted in questioning by the Concerned Citizens Coalition and local authorities. Eyewitnesses to the attack can not confirm nor deny Leguine’s actions but refuse to believe the CCC in their accusations. The Judge could not be reached for comment.

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Search Continues for Unfriendly 9

The 9 dissidents known as the Unfriendly 9 are still at large and wanted for questioning regarding numerous accusations of inciting mob violence and terrorist acts. The 9 are also wanted in questioning for the assassination attempt of Montgomery Hamfiddle; newest regent mayor for the colony of Sorin. Hamfiddle recently dodged an assassination attempt claimed by the 9 during the groundbreaking ceremony of Rikavinne- the proposed center of the colonies. Hamfiddle is scheduled to depart from Basille to Sorin to enact his tenure as mayor and local authorities are worried for his safety.

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Newest Schoolmaster Starts Class!

In a bit of better news, the newest school master, Professor V, welcomes the local students of Basille for the start of the first semester in the colonies., Professor V comes all the way from Weiviya; a land of steadfast traditions and delightful food. V is looking forward to teaching the young minds of Basille his own curriculum of politics, religion, and economics. An open house is scheduled for later this week and will be announced in the town square.

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New Temple District to Be Commemorated

In more uplifting new, a new district dedicated to universal worship of deities is being dedicated in the heart of Basille. Kicked off by the deterioration of the troublesome Snake Gang, the death of Pius B. Martyr, and the sermons of Eakledun preaching tolerance for all gods, including Gorum, Basille will be a lightning rod for the gentle hand of the gods. The district will be commemorated by the Holy Rhubarb, a 20 foot marble cast which will stand in the middle of the square. the new district will be consecrated on Thursday and every other Thursday after that will be dedicated to going to whatever church one finds important.

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Kech Savages Spotted on Eastern Front. Guards Assure Town Everything is Secure. pg.34

Celebrity Sighting: Chermak, the lovable rogue spotted in Town!. pg.333

Pesh: Harmless Fun or Harmful Epidemic? pg.2



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