Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

The Beacon

"Just and Impartial"


The House of Calloway

An Inside Look

The upcoming Bicentennial of Sandowine has caused a great deal of excitement especially regarding the magnanimous appearance from Yuvaulte’s strongest and most successful house. There is much mythology surrounding a royal family made up of the countries most respected judges and lawmakers but really who are these Calloways? What makes them tick? The Beacon, Calloways’ most trusted news source, has been granted exclusive access to family records to give the readers a just and impartial portrait of what many call “The Saviors of Yuvulate.”

This land shall be for free Orcs and not damn dirty elves

Those were the words spoken by Jeremiah Calloway upon founding the Basille settlement during Yuvulate’s colonial expansion almost 200 years ago. Taking care of his 5 younger and sick siblings, Jeremiah foraged for food and shelter and fought back the savage Elven attacks which left many fearful for their lives. One night one of the largest and most savage of elf sorcerers came into camp and demanded the sacrifice of all children as a blood offering his heathen god of magic and death. Tired of the abuse and terror, Jeremiah slew the elf mage and declared the land to be for free Orcs. From then Basille and the six houses of Yuvulate grew in prosperity and the unclean elves were driven back into the woods or granted working privileges in exchange for cultural education. These born again citizens currently form the working force of Calloway.

It is difficult to imagine an illustrious house coming from such modest roots. This is the foundation in which House Calloway lives. Through the many systems of justice and lawmaking, House Calloway lives at the heart of the Commonweatlh. Decided as being the most fair and impartial to the dealings of the everyday, all judges, lawmakers, and decision makers call Calloway their home. Next to Basille and the wealthy house of Timlivee, Calloway is a beacon of hope and fairness in a world once ruled by demon worshiping elves.

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A Talk with Priscilla

While there is a mighty fuss with things happening, I like to relax in my garden

These are the words spoken by the Calloway Matriach Paricisilla Calloway as she lounges gracefully among her lush garden in the heart of Calloway proper. Tending to her exotic plants, Priscilla prizes her collection of unique flora which is arranged in a decadent display on what was once a dark and unclean place.

I built this botanical display on the ruins of an old elven settlement where it was rumored that nightly sacrifice took place and eating of orc babies. I thought a little lady charm could bring light where such hatred and darkness once ruled.

The botanical garden is one of Calloways most visited destination for traveling dignitaries and remains a symbol of pride. Lady Calloway talks most about her prized collection including some flowers she still seeks.

Priscanthium is one of the rarest species found in the local region. Its blossom is so sought after because it is always surrounded by dangerous flora and fauna that few have been able to bring it back. Us Calloways are a refined sort and do not need to go trudging in with swords drawn. That is the work of our born again citizens.

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