Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

The Order of Delphinium Quarterly

"arte et marte"


The Order of Delphinium would like to welcome our newest Chupacabra members. Brother Krivomell, Sister Winkle, and Sister Morenia plus their unregistered servants and baggage carriers have entered into our sacred circle. May their hunts be prosperous and may they never speak of our activities. All of them took down a 50 point Chupacabra by managing to cover the entire area with grease to prevent an escape. All new inductees will be welcomed at next month’s Bicentennial recital.

Entry only Seen by Hydra (+) Members

As most of you are aware, the Calloway House will be in Sandowine in a few days. While they were scheduled to be at the Bicentennial Recital held at the Lodge, their investigators are going to be in full presence during these next coming weeks. It is imperative that you uphold the prime directive of no discussion of the Lodge’s activities. To our new members, we are a fraternal social organizations which engages in charity and community organizations. Failure to uphold the prime directive will result in suspension of membership before death of the individuals. During this time, access to the Library will be reduced and saved only for emergency hunting.

Entry only Seen by Dragon (+) Members

To our shorter members, despite Calloways being somewhat involved in our membership, this house has been at odds with anything arcane including game hunting. The Calloways also despise “secret” organizations and will not hesitate to to bring you in for questioning especially after the events at the opera. This warning goes for all members but especially for those of smaller stature as there is a cultural of prejudice which runs through the upper ranks of the Calloway house. If you have any questions or concern please see your local Prefect for clarification or guidance.

Entry only Seen by Leviathan (+) Members

Entry only Seen by Bandersnatch (+) Members

Just a quick reminder that the Order’s monthly Luncheon and Bizarre with take place at the Lodge at noonday. Sister Dolores has prepared a lovely roast and the entry of 50gp will go to Brother Raston as he recovers from a Basilisk attack in last month. Proceeds will go to prosthesis for his missing appendages.

Signed with Certainty,

Brother Vladamir Tamerin

Jabberwock Member and Tri-Regional Coordinator


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