Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

The Sandowine Chronicler



Chaos Erupts at Opera in Night of Terror

Tragedy stuck the first showing of “The Hammerfinkle” when Lucinda Calloway, visiting dignitary from the Calloway House, was struck down by an extremist insurgent. Though no group has officially taken responsibility, police say the act was most likely carried out by the Little Dark Hand in retaliation for the Calloway Act proposal. According to reports, the assassin entered into the Calloway balcony box and shot Lucinda from behind. The assassin then proceeded to escape by leaping to the stage as well as releasing a large snail as a distraction. According to a statement from House Calloway released this morning,

“this act of aggression by the little people proves their danger and savage nature, this new legislation is imperative to a civilized society; now more than ever.”

The chaos spilled into the streets as a carriage full of conspirators was found in pieces outside the Opera House. Witnesses say the traveling carriage flipped over itself. Police have not ruled out sorcery as a contributing factor. Police are still looking for the assassin and a large reward of 100,000 GP has been issued by the House of Sandowine for the capture of all responsible parties. A memorial service is being planned but no word where the funeral will be taking place.


According to police reports, several Werebears were sighted during the evening of Lucida Calloway’s assassination. Though police have not officially linked the sightings with the assassination, a connection has not been ruled out. Aside from a few chicken mutilations, no citizens were harmed during the sightings. Captain Balin Bereit of the Sandowine guard issued a statement that he and his men would be leaving the city to purse these sightings and that no citizen should worry. A second sighting of a large dog was also reported but police said these reports can not be confirmed.

Little Citizen Coalition Calls for Understanding

Following the death of Calloway, the Little Citizen Coalition called for understanding during the troubling times. The coalition, made up of leaders from Gnomish, Halfing, and Fey communities formed in response to the Calloway legislation, said that whole the death of Calloway was terrible, it should not cloud other issues important for civil rights. The talks between House Calloway and the Little Citizens Coalition had been deadlocked following a few weeks of heated debate.

Mayor Crinowell’s Speaks at Eagledawn’s Funeral

In an unrelated incident, Mayor Crinowell, acting mayor for Solenia, spoke at Amos Eagledawn’s funeral held outside the Sandowine Lodge. While many people were surprised at this important speech from such an unknown party, the crowd was shocked at the apparent lack of compassion as not only did the mayor make a few off colored and suggestive jokes but was dressed like a costumed villain. A priest, who witnesses say looked disheveled and drunk, flung himself on the casket causing it to topple. The apparent disrespect regarding the interment led the entire crowd to disperse. No statement from the Eagledawn family regarding the funeral.

Fashion Editiorial: The HammerFinkle

While crowds ran in large numbers from the big snail and some loud bangs, the scariest part of the whole show was the choices in dress. Oh my Lords did you see some of these outfits from armor being worn on a perfectly good gown to sticks poking out of a tuxedo. Let us not even talk about the person dressed up like a railroad villain. All was not lost however as some at least had the sense to wear the right color in season. This stunning purple pant suit and impossibly large white collar was the talk to of the town which was sort of lost in a sea of bad dress choices.

Eagledawn Recounts the Horror of the Necropolis

Speaking still from his hospital bed, Cornelius recounts the horrors of the Necropolis while on volunteer watch a few days prior. After apparently saving a group of small and lost orphans which became lost in the maze, Squire Eagledawn fended off the group with just his hands before being aided by a group of travelers. The Sandowine guard again refuses to comment on the deeds of the Eagledawn volunteer.

Police Beat

Vashishi’s Toy Shop had a reported acts of vandalism and burglary this prior night. The owner reported a large crate of imported dolls was stolen the evening of the assassination. Police are investigating the scene for clues and prints and believe they are close to reaching a suspect.



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