Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

The Saviors of Solenia

One Night in Solenia

The siege which befell that night was not uncommon to most villages and towns of Yuvaulte. No, in fact, most towns experience at least monthly altercations with the risen dead. What was special about this night was the confluence of events which would alter the course of history. Be it luck or a vile curse, what transpired in one that Summer’s Eve would have a profound effect on daily life of Yuvaulte for generations. It is strange that no one knew it at the time — except maybe for one.
From “Yuvalte: Putting the Pieces Back Together” by Dax Weirdingg

There is not much to me to think when you have a guard pounding on your newly acquired home shouting about the undead. This is the position the party found themselves as the citizens of Solenia flocked to the 6 adventures plus bird and sought advice on what to do regarding the undead minions now clamoring towards the high wooden walls. In a great show of ingenuity or farce, Mak stepped up and proclaimed himself acting mayor as Perrin was nowhere to be found int he time of crisis. Through emergency negations, the group bargained the arming of citizens through the cooperation of Abby Raston, the local blacksmith. Mak sent a dispatch of untrained villagers to the south wall and prepared for battle.

Chaos ensured for a matter of minutes which felt like hours for the party. Through the gates spilled a battalion of undead minions clawing their way through an chaotic mess of evil. These minions were the relatives and loved ones of the villagers and their loving memory now spoiled under the weight of organic evil. Ursula and Morienia stayed to defend the gates with a group of townspeople while Caden and Mak ran up to the watchtower to take care of a bat that was circling around the village. Warrik, the sheriff, called Flubrig and Yodar to help with a fire that had just broken out and was threatening to engulf the city.

Calamity proliferated through the small quiet village of Solenia when the townspeople threw themselves into he face of danger after Ursula inspired courage through her song. Moreinia proved quite effective at cleaving through the turned flesh of the recently deceased. Mak and Caden had less luck shouting down the bat and were greeting with the retaliation of being knocked out of the guard tower through the roof of their new house. Yodar and Flubrig ran to the burning house only to find a creepy girl looking for her even more creepy doll while flames engulfed her house. Things then went bad to worse.

Moreinia, in her zealous chopping nature accidentally severed the head of Amos, a local hero. Caden and Mak soon found themselves face to face with a werejackyl who had been stalking around the chaos. Flubrig and Yodar soon found they were unable to find/break/defeat this small doll which was inflicting critical wounds on them while the house burned down. Ursula’s baguette was knocked to the ground. Out of everything, it has been said Ursula was the most upset about her bread.

Evil was eventually thwarted and people rallied around Mak, who goes by the name Crinowell, and praised the group as the saviors of Solenia. Warrik thanked the group and asked them to aid the town in a proactive strike against the source of the necromancy. Sources point to a ruined monastery to the south of Solenia as the genesis of black magic and raised dead. The group decided it was high time to crawl through a dangerous trapped dungeon which held secrets and unimaginable treasures. Join us next time when old school dungeons meet new school abilities and the pain of a swinging axe trap is the thing which bridges generations.



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