Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

Afraid of No Ghost
One Night in Solenia

Ghosts and instances of hauntings are serious in Yuvaulte. They are seen as a curse and people haunted are sometimes cast as pariahs of the community. Because of this, hauntings are usually kept secret for generations with the stress of dealing with ghosts behind closed doors driving people to the point of madness. It is no secret how the insane occupants of castles, houses, and hovels which dot Yuvaulte’s landscape began their terrible legacy.
From “Yuvaulte: A Study of the Mind and Spirit” by Dax Weirdingg

Last week on Ghosts Over Yuvaulte, the group split up discover new adventure but really ended up burning down a bunch of things and sent occultists running to the hills. This week we are greeted by Mayor Perrin in a private room at the Old Crone, regaling the group with the trails and tribulations of his small village. Perrin recounts how Tonnyon, the old sheriff and “master” of Solenia, went missing and was replaced with his less favorable brother Warrik. Warrik took office in Solenia and brought in even more shady characters to act as guards and the town’s muscle. There seems to be mass corruption brewing in Solenia but Perrin just does not have the resources to prove anything. Perrin’s most trusted ally Captain Beirit of the Sandowine Watch is currently north on the moors outside of Orsov. Beirit should be the person notified if things in Solenia should go horrible…or catch on fire.

Mak joins the group looking disheveled and much to the ignorance of everyone just came from breaking into Perrin’s mansion. Mak was looking for some information but found himself pelted by dishware instead. The group soon discovers more information regarding Perrin’s mansion after he offers the group his house as payment for finding evidence of Warriks corruption. This generous gift seems strange but things make sense once the group learns the house is haunted by a malevolent spirit for hurling dishware at its unfortunate occupants.

Because the group is literally afraid of no ghost, they decide to collect the monetary reward Perrin offered along with the house, and a wagon, by going in to the creepy mansion. The group found themselves at odds with the geist who threw furtniture at them and toppled over bookcases. Moreinia ran into the drawing room only to find two animated suits of armor were chasing after her. Caden’s axe got stuck in the door. Perrin eventually told the group he inherited the house after Tonyon’s dissaperence and has heard stragne things happening in the cellar. Perrin recounted as a warning that Warrik gave before handing over the keys of staying out of the cellar. The group decided that whatever was making this spirt angry was in the dank, dark, dungeon like cellar.

Cellar is the general name for what the group found lying underneath the mansion. A subterranean catacomb which was probally attached to an old church lie underneath the house. In a ceremonial crypt the group found the restless corpses of skeletons which emerged from the sepulchers. Two people really shined in tonight’s adventure, one was Flubrig who dispatches all of the smaller skeletons with a blast of positive channel. The other was the Caden who with the aid of his trust new shock weapon shot a bolt of lightning through the “Master of the House” skeletal champion. Mak and Ursula got to know each other by running witless up the stairs screaming out their lungs.

After the monsters had been cleared and all licorice scents of supernatural actively had been vanquished, the group found another folio of artwork down int he crypt. Instead of the landscapes which adorned the first folio, this beautifully ornate leather bound tome depicted lithographs of various cityscapes and scenes. Their investigation, however, was cut short by a frantic guard who informed the group that Solenia was under attack by the undead!

Will the group stand and fight for Solenia or will they seek help from outside?

Will the group entireley forgo this dire situation and try to get out of dodge?

Will the group ever get their wagon that they were promised for clearning out the ghost?
Who are these necromancers of Witches Isle and why are they reanimating the dead to cause terroramongnst the countryside?

Of Cultists and Castles
One Night in Solenia

Yuvaulte has the pleasant feature of hidden areas which make it a desired destination for many people. Deep forests, shadowy caves, subterranean passageways, and entire dwellings which are obscured from routine sight make the whole isle ripe for seclusion. This is sought by many both for relaxation and for more nefarious agendas.

From “The Cults and the Colonies” by Dax Weirdingg

Adventure really begins when a party of acquaintances weighs the situation at hand and instead of reporting grisly murders, like any normal citizen would do, they scamper off into the woods to check out a cool ruined watchtower. Adventure obviously started in Amon’s Woods after most of the group decided to take a detour into the gloom and darkness of the deep woods where they happened upon a ruined watchtower. The group’s rouge and fighter agreed to stay back and watch the corpses but three minutes into the exploration, the group could hear Mak practicing his newly found fiddle in somewhere else in the woods; much to the chagrin of Ursela who both found the competition unnerving perhaps even more so than the scratchy screech.

The inhabitants of this particular ruined watchtower were many and their purpose was much maligned. This structure broke the gloom and darkness of the forest and emanated the taste of rotten beets in whoever detected magic. The structures’ upper half was broken and exposed to the outside while its base was littered with debris now grown over with the scatterings from the wild. Inside the watchtower floor, the party found a ghoul feasting on the corpse of a deer. The ghoul is no longer lingering between the precipice between life and death as the adventurers poked at it with sharp objects. The second level of the tower proved to me more difficult as whatever was set to guard the third level coiled up on the ceiling and now descended on the unsuspecting group.

The thing was horrible recounted Flubrig, the gnomish Crusader. “It had teeth and bones and looked like a giant bone snake” he would tell the group for many campfires in the future. They call it a Necrophidius and its purpose is whatever its creator wants. This particular bone snake was set to guard this tower so its creator could have privacy. Things were thrown into chaos when Yodar, the druid, leapt across the gap between the spiral staircase only to find himself hanging off the ledge. Caden and Flubrig proved themselves most useful by teaming up on the creature with both sword and arrow while Ursula’s fascinating song proved ineffective against a mindless construct.. This was providential as the group found themselves almost incapacitated after the creatures magical dance “dance of death.”

But all of these monsters were preamble to the big question of who was in the watchtower. Flubrig and the rest of the group hovered around the entrance after reducing the snake creature to a pile of bones. Inside they peered to see a cultist maniacally packing things and a foreboding body on an altar. The gnome, being small in size but large in heart, sneaked into the room and took a closer look only to remember that this body resembled an undead assassin that was summoned by groups with nothing but evil in their hearts. Ursula being the group’s guide and face of the party decided to settle this with her words and charm and danced in and made small talk to the cultist. While initially unsure about this disruption of his exodus, the small cultist, with impossibly big sideburns and a penchant for sneezing, began warming to the the kind bard. This was right about the time the gnome leaped out from behind boxes and screamed action with his sword.

There is a time when things go from not that bad to really bad and on fire. This moment happened when Flubrig’s sword did not connect with the cultist but rather the table of inconcivable flammable objects which shattered and ignited after his miss. With now the bed and the dusty tapestry which hung from the wall in flames the cultist made. Urslula dazed the cultist who slumped in a corner while the group tried to take on the white robed figure. While initially hazy, the group saw the figure as a partially coalescent cloud of bloody mist before transforming in the form of a ghostly, cloaked figure, perpetually dripping and reabsorbing a crimson trail. The figure then turned into something else, more humanlike but the whole group, except for Yodar, was inflicted with a critical amount of damage which sent the heartiest of gnome unconscious through loss of life. The figure vanished through the open window. This was a serious threat and something not even the cultist was willing to fully disclose.

The group reconvened outside the watchtower and interrogated the cultist. Through intimidation and diplomacy the cultist reveled partial information including that he was only a fledgling member of an unnamed group tasked with summoning a routine creature. The fledgling cultist was surprised to find that he summoned a Vulnademon and was not given any information on how to ward himself away from impending death as Vulnadeamons kill without prejudice unless flashed or spoken a safety password. This disgruntled attitude from the cultist led him to mention that the organization, in which he is but a gopher, is located in Sorin, which went by the name of “The Little Hand.” The cultuist gave the gnome a piece of piece of parchment with a lithograph print of a small hand and the initials “LHS” inscribed in the corner. With this cryptic note passed the cultist found time to shuffle his small feet into the deeper part of the woods. The group found it high time to alert the authorities regarding a whole mess of things.

Back in Solenia, the group came to a raucous scene. In the village was gathered a group of worried looking villages and an even more worried looking mayor. Perrin introduced himself, and quickly asked where the group came from. After telling the village about the stack of bodies and the things out in the woods, the village began throwing themselves in fits of fear as strange things have been happening including the missing person case involving local ruffian named Booker. Mayor Perrin also informed the group that a group of adventurers named Percy and 5 others were taken in for questioning after being involved in some altercation at the Old Crone. Things were dire in Solenia and in secret council, the party conferenced with mayor Perrin abut strange, but not supernatural things, happening including the death of Hobb-Knob and the possible connection with the other relic dealer Redgrave. Mayor Perrin, also known as Periwinkle for his love of winking at inappropriate time, Invited the group for dinner at the Old Crone so he could discuss some matters including this whole incident and also a larger problem involving the local watch. Before departing, the group could see Perrin lost in thought while he stared at his dark house.

... And Through the Woods
One Night in Solenia

Many times have I seen Solenia but can not recall anything specific about the town. Perhaps it is the hard push to hold watch with drink through the night at the Olde Crone; a large and spacious underground tavern. I do remember town being grim and with a feeling of looming dread which hid in every shadow
From “Spirits and Ales of Yuvaulte” by Dax Weirdingg

Our adventurers found themselves outside Solenia encountering strange passengers in its woods. The group looks onto the town with its high wooden walls and makes their way inside. After conversing and dealing with an unenthusiastic member of the Stoney Knights and registering the party under a false name, the spirit of adventure deflates when it is discovered that the whole town is still in drunken slumber. With all the shoppes closed and Hobb Knob, Ursula’s relic contact, nowhere in sight, the group makes their way into The Olde Crone Inn. One of the most popular attractions and places to be is a large underground tavern which is like a bunker for the village of Solenia. From dusk until dawn, the tavern is filled with villagers drinking away their fear of the night. Though spacious and somewhat luxurious, the group finds that most of the tables are empty save for one large one filled with a group of ill tempered and drunken thugs.

Things rarely change in Yuvaulte as the cruel usually tries and bully the weak. This group of local lowlifes took the group entering as a reason to have some fun at their expense. After challenging Moirenia to a drinking contest which she held her stomach, the bullies took the two most agile over for a test of swiftness and without warning shot an arrow at their heads with only the sound of their laughter filling the tavern. This was the last straw for Flubrig who has seen the same ilk of vermin populating the dales of his home village. Bullies are the same in a nameless village as they are in a slightly bigger village. The Solenia bullies just laughed to themselves and shouted insults at the group including Mak who was more wounded than he let on. The lowlifes took to calling them yellow and chicken which is a damnable insult especially around haunted villages. Our heroes would have the last laugh however as Ursula began playing a fascinating tune which allowed Mak to pickpocket the bullies, take their belts, and tie all of their boots together. The biggest bully caught wind of what was happening and then ensued a chaotic cluster of pant-less fighting, tangles legs, and possibly feces from Yadar’s animal companion, Rocky, a baby Roc.

The group found themselves in danger after Yodar cast a spell from his wand and it is known that unauthorized magic is strictly forbidden. Fearing for their safety they dispersed through the town and took in the sights including Mak who was seen casing the house Perrin, Solenia’s mayor. Ursula found that Hobb-Knob the old relic’s dealer had gone missing and his small cart was replaced by Redgrave’s Rustic Relics, a super relic store which had all of its prices inflated. Redgrave chatted a little bit with Ursula informing her of a waiting list for relics due to the town’s fearful nature. She also leanred that Hobb-Knob went missing. Ursula, not wanting to pay more than she should, set a search party in motion and the group made their way into the last known place Hobb-Knob was seen; Amon’s Woods.

The group walked the foggy path out to the church site. Things were dark an ominous even in the waning hours of dusk. With a particular high perception, Mak saw that in a copse of trees, things were moving. With the stealth of an elephant, the party’s rouge tripped over a branch foiling any chance of surprise. Out of the trees however stood a group of figures; one without pants and the rest ivory snake masks. These were the infamous group of brigands known as the Snakemen who are apart of a larger thieves guild known as The Animal Kingdom. The big thug from the tavern is with them and with a bruise around his eye, he points them out to the Snakemen. A battle has finally come in the shadow of something once holy.

Learning many-things from last time, Caden Dustybottom, the ranger, proved to be particularly deadly at long range taking out many of the Snakemen with his longbow. Flubrig, the crusader, and Moirenia, the fighter found themselves also deadly with their melee attacks as long at the trees did not get in the way. Rocky, the Roc, recognized the big thug from the tavern and proceeded to tear off his face. Ursula played a rousing tune which was effective until a dark figure emerged from the woods. Ursula playing soon turned into a song of fright as the dark figure filled the forest with a dreadful sound of fear which sent half of the party into throes of dread. This battle would not be resolves however as the figure soon teleported in a plume of ash and flame.

The group pondered this occurrence over the smell of burning wood as they searched the church for loot and clues. While the group was searching through rubble and loot stashes, Ursula made a grim discovery of a cache of bodies arranged in the pews. These bodies were of adventures and townspeople all stripped of their belongings. One such body belonged to Hobb-Knob who Ursula once called “acquaintance.” The group decided to make camp for the night in the shell of a place that was once sanctuary to many. There have been grim portents to future catastrophes laid out for out adventurers.

Who is responsible for these murders?
Why are Relics so expensive if there seems to be no magic coming from the new shoppe?
Who was that smokey figure?
What is really going on in Solenia?

Strangers in the Night
One Night in Solenia

Never have I met such a strange group as this. Never have I had the course of my life changed than with this bunch of misfits, troublemakers, and blabbermouths. I say this having spent time with Dwarves.
From “The Curious Crimes of Yuvaulte” by Dax Weirdingg

Our adventure begins like any other would — with six people making their way to a village in the dead of night while fog creeps over the haunted moors of places riddled with fear. These six come from a small village not even marked on a map but one that is close to each of their hearts. Some know each other and share common bonds while others do not. what they all share is a task which is to procure holy relics for their village which some say is cursed.

The six made their way through their lands into unknown settings save for their musical guide who regaled the group with songs as well as the ranger who tracked various half orc dignitaries through these lands. The six were suppose to make haste to Briev, a small layover town on the Dragon’s Tail, and secure a ride with Lucas the Fair. The six did not make it to Briev until much later after their ranger spotted a party of half orc dignitaries making their way through the woods at an odd hour at night. Half orcs are more superstitious than most and would not be out at night if not for some pressing matter. Mak, the party’s shady elf dealer and one with a hatred towards the ruling class, encourage the ranger to take up some tracking for sport and made their way to follow the orc party. Wanting to not split the group, Ursula followed through the back singing a rousing night song of courage and spirit while the group’s muscle, a fighter named Moirenia and a seadfast gnome crusader named Flubrig trailed in the back trading stories of things punched and things they would like to punch. Further back, actually, way back was a strange looking druid, named Yodar who was eating various berries and leaves as well as calling for his companion who had wandered off into the woods. Morirenia was the first to spot the goblin scout on the ridge. Having dealt with various tribes of goblins in their home lands, the group decided to forgo the half orc tracking and make their way to Breiv. There is nothing good that comes from goblin scouts once they scouted you. The ranger was slightly upset having a strong hatred for half orcs despite having a secret he tells few regarding his family tree.

It was late but Lucas was still by the fire when the group came in from the chilly evening. Lucas the Fair was an affectionate name given to him following the disappearance of his nose following an encounter with a nobleman. Even though the six came from different pasts, they all knew the trials of being commoners in lands ruled by half orcs. Even though some of them had aspirations of one day playing music in royal orcish courts or battling along side some of the ravenous military elite in holy lands, the group knew the cruelty of power and things like the disappearance of Lucas’ nose was all too ordinary for these harsh times. It was late when the group finally disembarked from Briev – too late to travel these lands without complications.

In all honesty, the skirmish with the goblins could have gone worse. After being spotted by the scout, the local disjointed band made a plan to block the way of the travalers with a fallen tree. After the group would move the debris, the goblins would spring and loots the corpses. Thing did not go as planned as the 5 goblins did not expect the fascinating tune from the bard’s violin as well as the precision from the druids bow. The groups’ most tuned fighters, the ranger, and the gnomish crusader did not get a chance to christen their adventure with fight as they found themselves tripping over the fallen oak tree. What is important however is the group came out of the fight with little injuries save for the time when everything when blank and they woke up to the old gnomish crone.

They were all by the small crackling fire when they awoke and the aching of their broken bones was distracting but made them alert enough to hear the old woman’s voice. How did they get these injuries, these bloody noses. It wasn’t the goblins.It wasn’t the tree even know Flubrig was last seen punching the log in frustration after not hitting the goblins. It must have been the work of malevolent things unknown to them. The old crone talked and liked through her tarot cards predicting pasts and foretelling futures. She was accompanied by a male gnomish figure, younger but still older, who stood in by a caravan smoking a pipe and looking into the black of night. the crone told the group they were lucky she found them when she did otherwise things would have gotten worse. The group now understood as it wasn’t the goblins she spoke of rather the shadows which gave these terrible injuries.

“There are things which haunt these nights that would turn the bravest into scared children. Do not think you can trifle with unknown. Your wounds will be healed only this once but take advice and do not travel at night. I can see in your eyes that danger does not dissuade your hearts. This I can not change. Sleep now and awake renewed.”

The group wakes up by a copse of trees which lay outside of the high wooden walled village of Solenia. The bubbling sound of a river greets the group upon their waking which is the most pleasant thing in a world of gloom. It is as if the world has been sapped of color and the grey mists of dread now wrapped around every living thing. Solenia is at the foothills of the strange with the haunted moors at its back and the strange voices from Amon’s Woods as its neighbors. Solenia holds the items sought by the group but as soon they will find out, it will be the first stop on a long and weird adventure.


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