Ghosts Over Yuvaulte

The Basille Gazette: Special Edition

Local Citizen Killed in Vegetable Fire

Pius B. Martyr, local citizen and friend to the community died last night in a terrible vegetable fire which caught on ablaze at the Shrieking Harpy. Eyewitnesses saw a fight outside the harpy with Madam Leguine, renowned vegetable farmer, throw Pius from a rooftop onto the blase. Leguine is wanted in questioning by the Concerned Citizens Coalition and local authorities. Eyewitnesses to the attack can not confirm nor deny Leguine’s actions but refuse to believe the CCC in their accusations. The Judge could not be reached for comment.

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Search Continues for Unfriendly 9

The 9 dissidents known as the Unfriendly 9 are still at large and wanted for questioning regarding numerous accusations of inciting mob violence and terrorist acts. The 9 are also wanted in questioning for the assassination attempt of Montgomery Hamfiddle; newest regent mayor for the colony of Sorin. Hamfiddle recently dodged an assassination attempt claimed by the 9 during the groundbreaking ceremony of Rikavinne- the proposed center of the colonies. Hamfiddle is scheduled to depart from Basille to Sorin to enact his tenure as mayor and local authorities are worried for his safety.

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Newest Schoolmaster Starts Class!

In a bit of better news, the newest school master, Professor V, welcomes the local students of Basille for the start of the first semester in the colonies., Professor V comes all the way from Weiviya; a land of steadfast traditions and delightful food. V is looking forward to teaching the young minds of Basille his own curriculum of politics, religion, and economics. An open house is scheduled for later this week and will be announced in the town square.

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New Temple District to Be Commemorated

In more uplifting new, a new district dedicated to universal worship of deities is being dedicated in the heart of Basille. Kicked off by the deterioration of the troublesome Snake Gang, the death of Pius B. Martyr, and the sermons of Eakledun preaching tolerance for all gods, including Gorum, Basille will be a lightning rod for the gentle hand of the gods. The district will be commemorated by the Holy Rhubarb, a 20 foot marble cast which will stand in the middle of the square. the new district will be consecrated on Thursday and every other Thursday after that will be dedicated to going to whatever church one finds important.

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Kech Savages Spotted on Eastern Front. Guards Assure Town Everything is Secure. pg.34

Celebrity Sighting: Chermak, the lovable rogue spotted in Town!. pg.333

Pesh: Harmless Fun or Harmful Epidemic? pg.2

The Basille Gazette
Edited, Written, & Funded by Pius B. Martyr


As it would turn out, the motherland of Tlelan is still in the midst of endless fighting and brutality with the lands of Ilderness and their still mechanical wizards. SAVAGES. THE LOT OF THEM. Here in the beautiful colonies HOWEVER, it is peace and majesty over sunny skies. PEACE AND PROSPERITY. There is no darkness save for a few glimmers of depravity from the elven nest of Habber’s Hallow. HERETICS. Let us hope those people don’t learn how to read or organize in groups. LOWLIVES.

Our great warchief Zulmartho, GREAT AND POWERFUL CRACKPOT, has not mentioned anything regarding conscription. CAN YOU IMAGINE? TLELAN’S SMARTEST AND MOST ELITE IN THE TRENCHES WITH THE OTHER GRUNTS? So for now you can rest easy without thinking of axes or warhammers rather books and poetry. Rest assured that our six founders have our best interests at heart. SAVIORS

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You all have seen him, that wild eyed hermit that lives on the outside of town. WHO DOES THAT? I know what you all say. LEAVE HIM ALONE, HE IS JUST A CRAZY OL’ HERMIT. I say NO Aside from him keeping all those confounded pets, he is up to some heathen witchcraft. SORCERY. I saw him not to long ago carrying animal entrails. WHAT CITIZEN DOES THAT? Citizens of Basille…are you going to let a crazy madmen snatch you children and sacrifice them to the GREAT DEVIL ELF THAT dances naked in the woods at night?

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Citizens, we know our found fathers RIGHTEOUS THINKERS made great strides in RESTRICTING arcane magic use and reeling back the practice among the clergy BUT THE SPREAD OF MAGIC still continues. Just this week, Francis Gibbler, the grey haired fisherman fox who lives down by Willow Creek almost BLEW HIMSELF TO HELL following a spell conjuration. We all know Francis. Some may Even like him BUT THIS SORT OF DISREGARD FOR THE LAW SHOULD COME WITH SWIFT ACTION. My Father didn’t fight for our right to live in a blood free world to see fellow citizens BURNED AND MAIMED by ignorance to the law. Who is next? IS IT YOU? Is it someone you LOVE?

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Pius B. Martyr Fund

Concerned Citizens many of you ask. HOW CAN I HELP MAKE THIS COLONY THE BEST AND NOT LIKE TLELAN. FIRE AND BLOOD. DEATH TO ALL THINKERS. You can contribute to the PBM Fund which will ensure the hiring of more guards like that funny little fellow that stands outside Judge Calloway’s House. WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR OWN GUARDING GNOME? I heard Sorin is full of those little rascals just right for the taking. THEY LOOK ADORABLE IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE. FIRST ORDER OF BUISNESS WILL BE RUNNING OUT THAT HARPY THAT RUNS THE SHRIEKING HARPY MADAM LEGUIN.

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The Basille Gazette would like to make an official apology to Ethel Grapple for last week’s article “ETHEL GRAPPLE IS A WITCH.” Our sources were wrong regarding Ethel and she was not the lady dancing nude with the GREAT ELF DEVIL last full moon. We regret to inform our readers that this information did not come sooner before her exile from this town.

Tips & Tricks

Do not find yourself outside after dark. BEWARE THE GREAT DEVIL ELF. Steer Clear of Habber’s Hallow. DEN OF THIEVES. If you see an elf outside of its workspace report any activity, suspicious or not, to Judge Calloway or the little fellow that guards the bank and the jail. DO NOT SPEAK TO LITTLE PEOPLE LIKE THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS. Use them as tools but never turn your back on a rake. ANYONE COULD BE CHERMAK THE DECEIVER..

Is your Neighbor a WITCH? Pg. 3

Crossword Puzzle Pg. 42

Dragons in the sky or ELF DEVIL WITH WINGS? Pg. 109

Letter From Cornelius

My very dear Ursula:

The indications are very strong that we shall move in a few days – perhaps tomorrow. Lest I should not be able to write you again, I feel impelled to write lines that may fall under your eye when I shall be no more.

Our movement may be one of a few days duration and full of pleasure – and it may be one of severe conflict and death to me. Not my will, but thine o Gods, be done. If it is necessary that I should fall on the battlefield for my country, I am ready. I have no misgivings about, or lack of confidence in, the cause in which I am engaged, and my courage does not halt or falter. I know how strongly our civilization now leans upon the triumph of the Sandowine, and how great a debt we owe to those who went before us through the blood and suffering of its people. And I am willing – perfectly willing – to lay down all my joys in this life, to help maintain Sandowine, and to pay that debt.

Captain Beirit has been having the men form lines against the encroaching Calloway confederates which are forming around Timlivee. Any day now, this conflict will come to a boil. Our rations have been cut and the men grow weary with thoughts of death and loss. It is times like this that I think of the joy you and your friends have brought me during those years of friendship. Perhaps someday when this is over we can buy a plot of land near Sandowine and all live together. You, me, and your friends can all raise chickens on a farm which is free from the oppression of these enemies of the state. Give my best to Pak, Rayden, Pohdar, Loreen, and that little bag boy you always have around.

Tonight we are moving out towards the Moorlands to set up watch for the enemy. I do not know when I will write you again but I have been in contact with father. He is not pleased with my decision but knows it is mine to make. I do hope for the best fro brother who has been flirting with some dark magic as of recent. Perhaps I am the shining beacon for this family. Keep an eye out for him. He has been running around with a group called The Deacons who are some sort of traveling group of preachers and soothsayers.

With all of my heart,
Corporal Cornelius Alowishus Eagledawn
of the 21st Bear Brigade

Little Helper Manifesto


The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.

Comrades and compatriots, I implore you for change. Too long have the workers of Yuvualte been beaten down by the Orcish bourgeoisie which runs our lands. History has shown our people, the Elves, as the underclass enslaved by the landowners to do their bidding. The immediate aim of our party is the same as that of all other proletariat parties: formation of the Elf/Halfing/Gnome/Fey into a class, overthrow of the Orc supremacy, conquest of political power by the common creature.

Our livelihood is at stake. Our people can longer continue our craft in order to provide means for our family. Our toy shops now do not bring food to our families. Our shoe shops are being closed due to economic ruin. Must we all turn to bootlegging distilled berries and subjecting ourselves to phase spiders possibly never returning? Must we be forced to make a decision between spiders or starvation? I say No! You must do the same!

The time has come to throw off the chains of inequality and march against the royal houses of Yuvaulte.

The time has come to lock arms with our fellow creature and say in one voice that we will not go quietly!

The time has come for solidarity under the leadership of Father Vishishi. Join the Little Helpers for the future of Yuvaulte!

A Letter from Cardinal Eagledawn
Dear Sir and Madams,

It has come to my attention that you have made your way from Sandowine to the mountains of Raston. I would consider this a lucky venture as the times I have visited Raston were full of wonderful views and exciting nights. I had my courier meet you on your journey as my letter comes with grave importance.

I do not know how to begin this letter as part of me is unsure of the career direction my son, Cornelius, has taken. I am certain this enrollment in the Captain Beirits regiment was partly inspired by his dedication to service as well as the encouragement by his friends. That would be you. Normally, service for King and country is an upstanding duty however certain events have thrown Houses into unrest and there is talk of civil war. Cornelius is not the safest of my children and I worry for his safety and for the continuation of our family. To add to this, Cornelius was being groomed for missionary work in the frontier of Udaut and now the Church has no one to fulfill this role. It would not be proper of me to force Cornelius out of service so I ask of a favor from you all. Find my next son to take Cornelius’ spot. His name is Jehosaphat and he has been missing for many months.

I would consider this a personal favor as your group have proved themselves resourceful and no doubt you have heard of the generous bounty paid to the party responsible for information leading to my son’s safe return. There have been sighting of Jehoshaphat around the areas of Raston in either the mountains or the forests._

With Gods and Grace

Cardinal Alistair Eagledawn IX

PS. do not listen to any rumors about my son being mixed up with dark and strange magic. He is a good boy just easily influenced by others. His mind has been seduced by the occult in the past.

The Beacon
"Just and Impartial"


The House of Calloway

An Inside Look

The upcoming Bicentennial of Sandowine has caused a great deal of excitement especially regarding the magnanimous appearance from Yuvaulte’s strongest and most successful house. There is much mythology surrounding a royal family made up of the countries most respected judges and lawmakers but really who are these Calloways? What makes them tick? The Beacon, Calloways’ most trusted news source, has been granted exclusive access to family records to give the readers a just and impartial portrait of what many call “The Saviors of Yuvulate.”

This land shall be for free Orcs and not damn dirty elves

Those were the words spoken by Jeremiah Calloway upon founding the Basille settlement during Yuvulate’s colonial expansion almost 200 years ago. Taking care of his 5 younger and sick siblings, Jeremiah foraged for food and shelter and fought back the savage Elven attacks which left many fearful for their lives. One night one of the largest and most savage of elf sorcerers came into camp and demanded the sacrifice of all children as a blood offering his heathen god of magic and death. Tired of the abuse and terror, Jeremiah slew the elf mage and declared the land to be for free Orcs. From then Basille and the six houses of Yuvulate grew in prosperity and the unclean elves were driven back into the woods or granted working privileges in exchange for cultural education. These born again citizens currently form the working force of Calloway.

It is difficult to imagine an illustrious house coming from such modest roots. This is the foundation in which House Calloway lives. Through the many systems of justice and lawmaking, House Calloway lives at the heart of the Commonweatlh. Decided as being the most fair and impartial to the dealings of the everyday, all judges, lawmakers, and decision makers call Calloway their home. Next to Basille and the wealthy house of Timlivee, Calloway is a beacon of hope and fairness in a world once ruled by demon worshiping elves.

Continued on Page 32

A Talk with Priscilla

While there is a mighty fuss with things happening, I like to relax in my garden

These are the words spoken by the Calloway Matriach Paricisilla Calloway as she lounges gracefully among her lush garden in the heart of Calloway proper. Tending to her exotic plants, Priscilla prizes her collection of unique flora which is arranged in a decadent display on what was once a dark and unclean place.

I built this botanical display on the ruins of an old elven settlement where it was rumored that nightly sacrifice took place and eating of orc babies. I thought a little lady charm could bring light where such hatred and darkness once ruled.

The botanical garden is one of Calloways most visited destination for traveling dignitaries and remains a symbol of pride. Lady Calloway talks most about her prized collection including some flowers she still seeks.

Priscanthium is one of the rarest species found in the local region. Its blossom is so sought after because it is always surrounded by dangerous flora and fauna that few have been able to bring it back. Us Calloways are a refined sort and do not need to go trudging in with swords drawn. That is the work of our born again citizens.

Continued on Page 12

Elvish/Gnome Terror Cell? Is The Little Dark Hand Working with the Elves…or Worse?

Full Story on Page 50

Sandowine Officials Remain Silent on Their Investigation of MURDER THEATER. Corruption Suspected.

Full Story on Page 134

10 Things To Keep Your Children Safe From Elvish Magic

Full Story on Page 23
The Order of Delphinium Quarterly
"arte et marte"


The Order of Delphinium would like to welcome our newest Chupacabra members. Brother Krivomell, Sister Winkle, and Sister Morenia plus their unregistered servants and baggage carriers have entered into our sacred circle. May their hunts be prosperous and may they never speak of our activities. All of them took down a 50 point Chupacabra by managing to cover the entire area with grease to prevent an escape. All new inductees will be welcomed at next month’s Bicentennial recital.

Entry only Seen by Hydra (+) Members

As most of you are aware, the Calloway House will be in Sandowine in a few days. While they were scheduled to be at the Bicentennial Recital held at the Lodge, their investigators are going to be in full presence during these next coming weeks. It is imperative that you uphold the prime directive of no discussion of the Lodge’s activities. To our new members, we are a fraternal social organizations which engages in charity and community organizations. Failure to uphold the prime directive will result in suspension of membership before death of the individuals. During this time, access to the Library will be reduced and saved only for emergency hunting.

Entry only Seen by Dragon (+) Members

To our shorter members, despite Calloways being somewhat involved in our membership, this house has been at odds with anything arcane including game hunting. The Calloways also despise “secret” organizations and will not hesitate to to bring you in for questioning especially after the events at the opera. This warning goes for all members but especially for those of smaller stature as there is a cultural of prejudice which runs through the upper ranks of the Calloway house. If you have any questions or concern please see your local Prefect for clarification or guidance.

Entry only Seen by Leviathan (+) Members

Entry only Seen by Bandersnatch (+) Members

Just a quick reminder that the Order’s monthly Luncheon and Bizarre with take place at the Lodge at noonday. Sister Dolores has prepared a lovely roast and the entry of 50gp will go to Brother Raston as he recovers from a Basilisk attack in last month. Proceeds will go to prosthesis for his missing appendages.

Signed with Certainty,

Brother Vladamir Tamerin

Jabberwock Member and Tri-Regional Coordinator


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The Sandowine Chronicler



Chaos Erupts at Opera in Night of Terror

Tragedy stuck the first showing of “The Hammerfinkle” when Lucinda Calloway, visiting dignitary from the Calloway House, was struck down by an extremist insurgent. Though no group has officially taken responsibility, police say the act was most likely carried out by the Little Dark Hand in retaliation for the Calloway Act proposal. According to reports, the assassin entered into the Calloway balcony box and shot Lucinda from behind. The assassin then proceeded to escape by leaping to the stage as well as releasing a large snail as a distraction. According to a statement from House Calloway released this morning,

“this act of aggression by the little people proves their danger and savage nature, this new legislation is imperative to a civilized society; now more than ever.”

The chaos spilled into the streets as a carriage full of conspirators was found in pieces outside the Opera House. Witnesses say the traveling carriage flipped over itself. Police have not ruled out sorcery as a contributing factor. Police are still looking for the assassin and a large reward of 100,000 GP has been issued by the House of Sandowine for the capture of all responsible parties. A memorial service is being planned but no word where the funeral will be taking place.


According to police reports, several Werebears were sighted during the evening of Lucida Calloway’s assassination. Though police have not officially linked the sightings with the assassination, a connection has not been ruled out. Aside from a few chicken mutilations, no citizens were harmed during the sightings. Captain Balin Bereit of the Sandowine guard issued a statement that he and his men would be leaving the city to purse these sightings and that no citizen should worry. A second sighting of a large dog was also reported but police said these reports can not be confirmed.

Little Citizen Coalition Calls for Understanding

Following the death of Calloway, the Little Citizen Coalition called for understanding during the troubling times. The coalition, made up of leaders from Gnomish, Halfing, and Fey communities formed in response to the Calloway legislation, said that whole the death of Calloway was terrible, it should not cloud other issues important for civil rights. The talks between House Calloway and the Little Citizens Coalition had been deadlocked following a few weeks of heated debate.

Mayor Crinowell’s Speaks at Eagledawn’s Funeral

In an unrelated incident, Mayor Crinowell, acting mayor for Solenia, spoke at Amos Eagledawn’s funeral held outside the Sandowine Lodge. While many people were surprised at this important speech from such an unknown party, the crowd was shocked at the apparent lack of compassion as not only did the mayor make a few off colored and suggestive jokes but was dressed like a costumed villain. A priest, who witnesses say looked disheveled and drunk, flung himself on the casket causing it to topple. The apparent disrespect regarding the interment led the entire crowd to disperse. No statement from the Eagledawn family regarding the funeral.

Fashion Editiorial: The HammerFinkle

While crowds ran in large numbers from the big snail and some loud bangs, the scariest part of the whole show was the choices in dress. Oh my Lords did you see some of these outfits from armor being worn on a perfectly good gown to sticks poking out of a tuxedo. Let us not even talk about the person dressed up like a railroad villain. All was not lost however as some at least had the sense to wear the right color in season. This stunning purple pant suit and impossibly large white collar was the talk to of the town which was sort of lost in a sea of bad dress choices.

Eagledawn Recounts the Horror of the Necropolis

Speaking still from his hospital bed, Cornelius recounts the horrors of the Necropolis while on volunteer watch a few days prior. After apparently saving a group of small and lost orphans which became lost in the maze, Squire Eagledawn fended off the group with just his hands before being aided by a group of travelers. The Sandowine guard again refuses to comment on the deeds of the Eagledawn volunteer.

Police Beat

Vashishi’s Toy Shop had a reported acts of vandalism and burglary this prior night. The owner reported a large crate of imported dolls was stolen the evening of the assassination. Police are investigating the scene for clues and prints and believe they are close to reaching a suspect.

Creatures & Comfort
A Funeral for a Friend

There are few things known to travelers in Yuvaulte regarding what to visit and what to avoid if one values their head. One most certainly should see the magical forests of Myrestone and the Tamerin treasures in Hamid’s Museum. This is a given and written in one of my many travel guides available at any major city bookstore for 20 gold. Everyone knows also to be wary of Calloway’s guards, Timlivee’s Diamond District, and Raston’s shadowy streets after dark. This also comes as no surprise. But perhaps the most well-known travel trivia is to never go into Mother Comfort’s Orphanage under penalty of receiving a most ghastly scolding by its former caretaker. There are some who never listen to sage advice credibly available in my books available at any major city bookstore for 20 gold.
From “Dax’s Top 10 Most Haunted Destinations and Vacation Ideas” by Dax P. Weirdingg

The plot shifts and so does the scenery as the group finds themselves called to action by an official letter. The letter has invited Solenia’s acting mayor, Mak/Crinowell, to say a few words at the funeral for Amos, a young chap who found himself struck down by zombies in the Great Solenia Necro Siege of Late Summer. Amos being a distant relative of one of the most powerful non Orc families in the colonies: The Eagledawns has made the whole affair larger than normal. With much influence in the church and with many high ranking paladins and clerics throughout Yuvaulte, The Eagledawns hold sway over many aspects of religious life in Yuvaulte. Because Solenia was the site of the siege and because the group fought alongside Amos, Crinowell and company are invited to Solenia to inter the body of Amos at The Sandowine Cathedral.

Everyone oddly agrees and then looks at each other suspiciously.

The group sets out westward for Sandowine and after a few days travels comes upon a creepy abandoned orphanage. Now if anyone read Dax P. Weirdingg’s travel guides available at most city bookstores for 20 gold, they would know this is the site of Mother Comforts hellish orphanage, the site where many children incurred the wrath of a cruel caretaker. The site is also home to many restless spirits who suck the life essence from its vicitims. Because the group didn’t purchase the travel guides, Flubrig thought it would be a good idea to explore the site…alone. After many hours gone, the rest of the group decided to look for the gnome companion with much jokes made about his height.

The group found the place a mess and filled with vagabond squatters. This would have been a problem expect for Mak who loves to disuse himself and enlist help from foes. Mak infiltrated the group and gained their trust to learn that they had been sent by Redgrave, Solenia’s relic dealer, to gain this orphanage as a tactical point for some nefarious cause. The sellswords did not realize that this place was haunted and would drive them mad. They too did not read Dax’s guide. Mak convinced the group to let him take Flubrig who was bound in the corner, to sacrifice him to whatever was upstairs. The group soon found the upstairs littered with way too creepy to be normal things walking around the hallways. One of those really creepy things was a wandering spirit of a tormented child and a talking doll named Ayda. While Ursula was trying to burn down the house, Mak was making friends with the creepy ass doll as she led him to the bedroom where Mother Comfort was sleeping. Mother comfort was not sleeping, she was dead in her bed burned to a crispy corpse. Mak was trying to find the key which led to the attic which would then help the group dispose of these restless spirits.

Everything then went wrong

Mother Comfort woke up, the sellswords went into a bloodthirsty rage, and Ursula’s flint and steel would not ignite. The group found themselves in combat between the sellswords and the ghostly denizens of upstairs. Things were going pretty well and Caden was turning into killing machine with a ranged weapon but then Mak decided to hot dog his way in the fight. This turned into him falling down the stairs on top of his party and then to the feet of a sellswords. Things were made worse when Mother Comfort caused Caden and Mak to scramble out screaming in terror. Yodar and Rocky made good work keeping the sellswords distracted while Flubrig burst holy atomic bombs in the stairwells. the battle was then won by the help of a fellow friend, Bear Dustybottom, the newly named Trollhound found in the Necromancer’s Puzzle dungeon. Caden has a new pet. Flubrig moved around cautiously as Bear D.B. growled at him through his scared face which was given to him by Flubrig’s amazing critical hit. Bear devoured the ghost as well as the sellswords which were fed to him by Caden. The group unlocked the attic, found the corpse of the spirit and decided to bury the body in consecrated ground. The group sung songs by the burning fire as they watched a larger fire consume the orphanage as Ursula finally got her flint and steel working.

The group continues to make their way to Sandowine trying to look like a normal group of travelers. This is important as things in Sandowine seem to be growing darker by the day. There is a faint memory of something the group was supposed to do in Solenia but they brush it off and hope that it does not affect them in the future. There is a deep howl in the shadow of the moon and the group huddles closer. Yes, a normal party accompanied by a trollhound, a giant bird, and a talking doll dressed in a small cloak to look like a human make their way to the big city.

The Saviors of Solenia
One Night in Solenia

The siege which befell that night was not uncommon to most villages and towns of Yuvaulte. No, in fact, most towns experience at least monthly altercations with the risen dead. What was special about this night was the confluence of events which would alter the course of history. Be it luck or a vile curse, what transpired in one that Summer’s Eve would have a profound effect on daily life of Yuvaulte for generations. It is strange that no one knew it at the time — except maybe for one.
From “Yuvalte: Putting the Pieces Back Together” by Dax Weirdingg

There is not much to me to think when you have a guard pounding on your newly acquired home shouting about the undead. This is the position the party found themselves as the citizens of Solenia flocked to the 6 adventures plus bird and sought advice on what to do regarding the undead minions now clamoring towards the high wooden walls. In a great show of ingenuity or farce, Mak stepped up and proclaimed himself acting mayor as Perrin was nowhere to be found int he time of crisis. Through emergency negations, the group bargained the arming of citizens through the cooperation of Abby Raston, the local blacksmith. Mak sent a dispatch of untrained villagers to the south wall and prepared for battle.

Chaos ensured for a matter of minutes which felt like hours for the party. Through the gates spilled a battalion of undead minions clawing their way through an chaotic mess of evil. These minions were the relatives and loved ones of the villagers and their loving memory now spoiled under the weight of organic evil. Ursula and Morienia stayed to defend the gates with a group of townspeople while Caden and Mak ran up to the watchtower to take care of a bat that was circling around the village. Warrik, the sheriff, called Flubrig and Yodar to help with a fire that had just broken out and was threatening to engulf the city.

Calamity proliferated through the small quiet village of Solenia when the townspeople threw themselves into he face of danger after Ursula inspired courage through her song. Moreinia proved quite effective at cleaving through the turned flesh of the recently deceased. Mak and Caden had less luck shouting down the bat and were greeting with the retaliation of being knocked out of the guard tower through the roof of their new house. Yodar and Flubrig ran to the burning house only to find a creepy girl looking for her even more creepy doll while flames engulfed her house. Things then went bad to worse.

Moreinia, in her zealous chopping nature accidentally severed the head of Amos, a local hero. Caden and Mak soon found themselves face to face with a werejackyl who had been stalking around the chaos. Flubrig and Yodar soon found they were unable to find/break/defeat this small doll which was inflicting critical wounds on them while the house burned down. Ursula’s baguette was knocked to the ground. Out of everything, it has been said Ursula was the most upset about her bread.

Evil was eventually thwarted and people rallied around Mak, who goes by the name Crinowell, and praised the group as the saviors of Solenia. Warrik thanked the group and asked them to aid the town in a proactive strike against the source of the necromancy. Sources point to a ruined monastery to the south of Solenia as the genesis of black magic and raised dead. The group decided it was high time to crawl through a dangerous trapped dungeon which held secrets and unimaginable treasures. Join us next time when old school dungeons meet new school abilities and the pain of a swinging axe trap is the thing which bridges generations.


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