Six Houses of Yuvaulte

Each royal house takes residence in a city named after their Patron Founders. The six residential cities was established by the Patrons after bickering and political squabbles halted progress in Basille. Each Patron took residence throughout the isle and Basille was declared neutral ground for proceedings.

Calloway – The largest city and home to the judicial system for Basille. Famous for now only being the most powerful of the houses but also the area almost entirely eradicated of supernatural occurrences. Is home to the Basille and Timlivee elite.

Timlivee – The wealthiest city and also the home of Yuvaulte’s largest banks and financial institutions. Timlivee Is apart of the network of places most advertised to visiting dignitaries and shares the same power held by Basille and Calloway.

Sandowine – The most progressive city towards academic learning. Also the area most lenent towards the Arcane Prohibition due to its penchant towards schalry pursuits. This attitude has ostracized most of Sandowine and its family and also made the surrounding woodlands it a secret sanctuary for rogue spellcasters.

Raston – The most silent of cities but not the furthest. Raston lies tucked in the Western mountains accessible only by the Vluwist river. Perched high above rocky crags, rumors and stories have emerged of an occult and dark influence over the royal house.

Myrestone – The furthest city and one most removed from dealings of the broken Yuvaulte clan. Myrestone overseers the military and watch and prides itself on its idyllic and fairytale like castles which dot its landscapes.

Tamerin – The most cultural city due to its trade and exploration of the surrounding isles. Tamerin is home to the Museum of Oddities which is a collection of strange and wondrous items from outside Yuvaulte.

Six Houses of Yuvaulte

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