The Other Tlelan Colonies

The colonies of the Tlelan empire were founded by a clan of enlightened orcs who came to the isles in search of cultural freedom away from the savagery of Tlelan. After the founding at Basille, the explorer Tamerin soon set out charting the surrounding isles which provided havens for the other non-orchish denizens of Tlelan who found the same sort of opression from the ruling class.


Northern most isle which is host to small fishing village populated mostly by halfings and gnomes. Sorin is the largest city on its eastern coast which is crippled with racial tension towards the human presence on Uduat.


The most western isle and also the second largest. Udaut marks the point in which eastern expansion collapsed following the exit of Tlelani influence in the colonies. With wide deserts and plains, Udaut is home of a native population of northern elves. Humans occupy the western half with various boom towns, mining villages, and railways which stretch across its sandy expanse.


The southern most isle and also the largest. Much like Udaut, deserts make up most of its landscape with an unassailable mountain range to the west. Most of cerntral Anergq is undiscovered with a local population of Southern elves occupying its northern region.


The Northern most Isle and also the one that is unknown in size. Due to its thick forests and deep mountain range, most of this continent remains to be unseen. Weiviya is said to be the home of dragons which live on top of its mountains or deep beneath its dark caves.

Rikavinne (Gashna)

The City of Stairs. When the Tlelan empire saw the colonies as a chance to bring their sphere of influence to a larger arena, Gashna was founded and built as a seat of command. Adopting a more diplomatic name, Rikavinne was built on a small isle which lay in the center of all 4 other lands. Rikavinne was famed for its elaborate architecture which looked like a castle on the water. Its complex layers provided networks of passages and buildings which lay on top of each other. Following Tlelan’s exit from the colonies, Rikavinne soon turned into a city of violence, corruption, and dark dealings.

The Other Tlelan Colonies

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